Project 007/2018 -ISBN:978-83-65578-45–7 .  
Project "DIGITAL DATABASE of FORMS , IMAGES, PROJECTS AND PROJECTION  of PUBLIC SPACE "   Is a never-ending imaginable narrative - a design process - carried out in the field of art and design.
"Digital Database of Forms, Pictures, Projects ..." is a design paradigm realized on the basis of the personal time, places, cities, spaces  "experience / knowledge ".
Interpretation of images based on time, places, cities, spaces and  is implemented on  the basic categories of formal image - in terms of light / shadow, plane / spot, line / dash, and in this sense the project is a design algorithm.
The sens of the project is to find new orders and new values among existing forms of images  of  which only the part may have a design meaning and an over-use dimension - artistic / metaphorical. 
The project as well as a  whole can be a poetic metaphors  of  time & space and the subject matters of reflection in the field of design philosophy.
The commentary  text is a only  suplementary  part to the substantive - pictorial - part of the project.
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